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Ladies Bootcamp Instructor

HI I'm Emma, otherwise known as TT or Tiny Torturor! 

I joined Ladies Bootcamp just over four years ago. I'd been lurking on website, curious to know what it was all about, but talked myself out of joining because how could I commit to 3 whole hours a week of exercise? Surely with two boys under 5 there is no way I could find the time or have the energy.
As luck, would have it, I won a free month in a raffle and have never looked back. At first I struggled, I often had to walk like John Wayne and the words caterpillars, burpees and mountain climbers sent shivers down my spine. Slowly but surely however, I noticed I was achieving little PB's - a whole 40 seconds of mountain climbers, 10 full push ups, that sort of thing.
My energy levels soared, I started running again and entered 5k's, 10k's, trail runs, The Survival of the Fittest and then in 2013, just before I turned 40, the awesome 12 mile Tough Mudder. The next year I started a running club to coach some of my fellow bootcampers to run 5k.
When Heather asked me if I'd be interested in training to be a Bootcamp instructor I was hugely flattered but nervous. What could I offer, having no background in either teaching or fitness? Then I realised that I was in a perfect position because I understand! When your arms are trembling from tricep dips, your thighs are shaking from squats and tummy is trembling from ab twists - I've been there, done it and even got the t-shirt!.

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