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Ladies Bootcamp Instructor

Hi, I'm Clare and I live near Bridgemere with my husband and my two teenage children and I am very proud to be one of your Bootcamp instructors.

I had stopped attending the gym many years ago when my children were young, in February 2015 I decided that I had got to do something about my increasing weight and lack of exercise so, after weeks of plucking up courage, I joined Crewe and Nantwich Ladies Bootcamp.

When I started Bootcamp I couldn't run and I struggled with every exercise. Not to mention experiencing the dreaded muscle aches that we all know so well!! I know your pain ladies!!

In little more than a year Heather had helped me discover a love for exercise and healthy nutrition I never knew I could have!!

I've completed my instructors course, competed in Survival of the Fittest with some of my fellow bootcampers and am currently training for a half marathon

And now, 2 stones lighter and healthier than I've ever been I want support every other Bootcamp member by helping them get to where they want to be too!!

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